Saturday, March 21, 2015

20 Facts About Me

So to start off this blog I thought that I would give you some random (unimportant) information on myself so you can get to know me a little better.

1. Winter is my favourite season - though I hate rain
2. I have an older sister who lives in Australia
3. I have two cats
4. I've only lived in three houses my whole life
5. I am addicted to Chocolate (typical girl) and Quest Bars
6. I love to make up random recipes - most of the time they work out but there have been a few flops
7. I am currently in my third year at university - studying to be an early childhood teacher
8. Children never fail to make me smile
9. I spend majority of my day on Instagram (username is @fragiletofit)
10. After getting my teaching registration (2 years after I finish my degree) I want to study nutrition
11. I loathe exercising - hence why I only do it three times a week
12. I'm the ultimate morning person - normally I'm up by 5am, though I'm a horrible sleeper
13. I love to read
14. I like planning assignments, though I hate writing them
15. I have a major sweet tooth - Lunch and Dinner being savoury is more then enough for me in a day
16. Psychology interests me, though I would never study it
17. Supermarkets/Grocery shops are my favourite places
18. I'm a little OCD when it comes to books - so if I ever lend a book to you, you should feel special
19. I'm a very organised person
20. The extent of my musical talent is being able to play the Flute and Piano

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